OKT Genesis also known as MakWes on social media and friends goes by real name Ndeh Kankeu Wesley Makia and is a 23-year-old Cameroonian upcoming underdog entrepreneur in Forex(foreign exchange) Stocks,NFT(non fungible tokens) collector, Pi Network enthusiast,metavers investor web3 and blockchain educator not withstanding cryptocurrency guru…

He started at a very young age off the streets as a hustler like most Cameroonian youths today and got into Forex in late 2018 with the hopes of gaining financial independence like everyone else aime for..

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His love and passion for Forex got him into stocks,cryptocurrency,blockchain and more others where he’s been very successful at it to the point he motivates a lot of youths worldwide showing them it’s possible and they can aswell do it like him.

Oktgenesis is one of the first individuals to get into #pinetwork a fast growing cryptocurrency Which is the first crypto you could mine from your phone with just a click which started in 2018 when it had less 100,000 miners back then but have more than 29 million miners known as pioneers today and keeps growing…

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As if it wasn’t enough for the young entrepreneurs who never stops learning he got into NFT at its early stage in 2021 when he saw Tory lanes announced the release of his Album in August which sold out in less than 15min so he started learning about it and total owns some masterpieces worth thousands of dollars and knowing the connection NFT have with metavers,blockchain,vr (vertual reality).

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Forex Guru

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