The Bonteh Digital Media Awards (BDMA)2021 took place at La Falaise Hotel on 15th December 2021 with Ebuka as host, Muriel Blanche as co-host.

This Award accolades most hardworking persons in digital media and technology.

The BDMA had 20 categories this year with approximately 5 nominees from each whilst one arose victorious.

Here is a full list of the winners for BDMA 2021

1. Woman In Tech

Sabrina Nforba

img 2862

2. Best Blogger French


img 2863

3. Best news website

Laura Dave

img 2864

4.Best Mobile App


img 2865

5. Best Digital Entrepreneur

Jonathan Chafeh

img 2866

6. Best Photographer

Leonor Records

img 2867

7. Social Media Campaign

Truth Be Told

img 2868

8. Innovation of The Year


img 2869

9. Best Radio Host

Joseph Weno

img 2870

10. Best Tv Host

Faith Tata

img 2872

11. Best Digital Marketer


img 2873

12. Best Online Magazine

The Hotjem

img 2874

13. Best Web Series

Caro & Copees

img 2875

14. Media Personality Of The Year

Eto’o Fils

img 2876

15. Best Artist Manager

Ahmed Baron

img 2877

16. Best Public Relations

Jas B

img 2879

17. Best Graphics Designer

Ayouba Said

img 2878

18. Best Blogger English

Benoit Yuven Biradzem

img 2880

19. Best Video director

Tecno Brian

img 2881

20. Best Digital Promoter

Urban Bridge

img 2882