The popular Nigerian actress, influencer, former model and wife to one of Nigeria’s most successful artist 2face uses her Instagram story to share her frustration towards entitled family and friends.

“Dey never gonna stop and it’s harder to say no cos it’s family or that friend. Sadly, they all feel entitled. Help is good. More heartbreaking is the moment you don’t have to give. That moment you become the worst person. Then all the 20 good deeds turns to 21 bad deeds” she said.

This was attached to a short video featuring business tycoon and philanthropist Warren Buffett, talking about standing by family members and friends in need.

It’s not long since she had family drama with respect to her husband’s fidelity and this led to her brother openly disowning her. Is she referring to him or there are others behind the scenes? We hope to find out.

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Annie Idibia throws disgust at entitled family members and friends. 2