Serious charges weigh against Cameroonian songwriter Mr Shyne, arrested on October 26 by the Cameroonian military.A report from the Canal 2 International TV channel gives an idea of the charges against this man from Showbiz and his two comrades in misfortune, also arrested on the same day.

The artiste Mr Shyne is therefore still in police custody in Douala. The singer and two of his friends were arrested last Tuesday in the street. What had drawn attention to the artist’s group was their vehicle.

Obviously, this car had similarities to a vehicle stolen in Yaoundé.

“The security forces then asked them to come forward for identification and they refused to comply. In a maneuver of the car, the artist behind the wheel ran over the foot of one of the police officers present. Which then increased the suspicions about him and his accomplices. They were all apprehended and taken to the judicial police station of Bonanjo. In the search of the phones of the other two occupants of Mr. Shyne’s vehicle, the police found elements that they tried to erase just before their arrest: photos of weapons and ammunition, as well as exchanges with potential customers.”, reports Canal 2 International.

These are the elements that motivated the trio’s custody. Mr. Shyne is currently in custody for refusing to comply and attempting to escape. These accusations are likely to cost the artiste a lot. For the moment the investigation is in the course of its course to determine their involvement.