Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta is still working his magic on the pitch for Japanese side Vissel Kobe.

The midfield master recently spoke in an interview with the BBC about his career and what he may be looking to do in the future.

He spoke about his old club Barcelona, where he grew to become one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.

“Barcelona was like an exam every game and you had to pass that,” said Iniesta.

“That’s the base and each time you have to adapt to the environment, mould yourself to the style that is required of you – but always keeping the essence.”

The 37-year-old has worked with some of the best coaches in the game, but he won’t say who the best was.

“It would be hard to point out a coach who has influenced me the most and that’s the same with the players I have played with and learned from,” Iniesta insisted.

“I have been at Barcelona and the Spanish national team in very good moments and I have been with the world’s best players and I have learned from all of them.”

Barcelona are going through a difficult period and are struggling both domestically and in Europe, but Iniesta believes they can get back on track, despite looking a far cry from the side he played in.

“I will always see Barcelona in a good way because I still see a different team,” he said.

“Many things have changed since then. Naturally the players are different but there is still an idea, a concept.”

Returning to Barcelona
When asked about a potential return to his old club, Iniesta said it’s something that he’d like to do.

“Yes, it is something I hope to do,” he said. “I would like it to happen because more than anything it is the club I spent so many years at.

“You don’t know what will happen in the future, you don’t know in what way I could return or who will be the people in charge at a certain moment.

“So, there are many factors which make it hard to see what will really happen, but if you ask me if I would like to, the answer is yes.”