Cameroonian artiste,Nafon reassures everyone who is currently going through some hard time the betterment of their lives in future as he releases visuals for his song One Day directed by Portsheehan Film.

One day, things go change. Everybody go dey okay.(2 x) Make i tell you my brother, you see this life no easy oh no no, if you use your brain dey checkam you go see say Na real thing oh yeah yeah. No Dey listen to wrong people eh always lecture spirit culture eh and be careful what they tell you ehh, always find out always find out the truth cause you no know say people just dey talk anyhow, people just dey do anyhow you no fit know, one day things go change everybody go dey okay.

Ohhh ye-ahh, I be kicking the game Just like the back of my hands, remember when ei be start naso things then confirm, then be na kind kind Levels all kind devils them be try but still boy be be Na goal getter, Be trynna knock me off my feet never, beat you above a words I still clever never underrated . Always on the road that hitting hit records like a track sound I never lose nah man I never lose, this is all shit for the news, Yeahh buddy what to do ? gatta tell them what to do, gatta mic on the throne like Nabil.

The 4Nix Entertainment artiste, Nafon is very confident that ONE DAY, things will change and everybody will be okay. One day, he will achieve all his dreams, that day, not even the devil will stop him. If Nafon is this confident, what stops you ?

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