Between living as a couple with a fulfilling sexuality and masturbating whilst enjoying yourself, Cameroonian actress and singer Mimie made her choice and revealed it openly.

Mimie thinks instead of rushing into a relationship with someone who wouldn’t treat her right or randomly have sex with people she isn’t sure of their feelings for her, it is preferable to masturbate. According to Mimie, she doesn’t force relationships anymore.

Received on an Ivorian channel, the Cameroonian revealed that she prefers to masturbate at the moment because it gives her pleasure whilst she awaits the perfect one.

Received on the set of the show “Les Femmes Ici”, Mimie did not go through four paths express how she really feels.. “Since I am in a somewhat difficult environment, so you have to choose the right person with whom you can get on well, that’s why I masturbate and I have real pleasure in doing it”, a she revealed live. This courageous revelation was greeted on set by the other guests. Mimie is basically known for always being herself, honest and expressing how she really feels when interviewed.

“Even the girls who secretly masturbate with the bottles of deodorant and the cucumbers will come attack Mimie Ngoga ,” one Internet user quipped after some ladies were bashing Mimie.

It should also be remembered that the practice is still debated. Some feel that it is an unhealthy practice which acts on the spirituality of the people who indulge in it while others think that it is natural and that it is just one sexual practice among many, which does not have much effect on people.