Born April 24, 1987 in Kinshasa, IPALA MOLONDO BENOIT artistically known as MOBE MOLONDO is a Congolese musician.

He entered the musical arena, as a guitarist in his Protestant church in Kinshasa during his adolescence.

In 2012, Mobe made his dreams come true and decided to make it a career. He kicked off his career and taking it to another level by blending with Fabregas to release the song Mawa that quickly became a success.

In addition to being an outstanding singer, this maestro is also a songwriter. He has collaborated and produced songs for many Congolese and Africans icons like Koffi Olomide, Ferré Gola, Robinho Mundibu.

In 2019, he was noticed by the Label BATHSON GLOBAL COMMUNICATION [BGC Melody] which subsequently undertook to sign and propel him into the musical world.

In 2020, he released his first album entitled Guerrier comprising 14 tracks in which we find PERSEVERANCE, FAUX NZELE, GUERRIER BGC, MAMPALA , TSHIMBEMBE in collaboration with the Congolese star Robinho Mundibu and many others.

Very optimistic and determined, singer of GEURRIER BGC promises to raise the Congolese music industry from a very high point of view and promote African music.