In her outing in response to a proposal made to her by Mani Bella to pair up with a Cameroonian, Nathalie Koah replied: “Our Cameroonian brothers cannot be trusted (Nos frères camerounais là sont sans confiance).

Everyone is aware of how her previous relationship with ex-Cameroonian international football star Samuel Eto’o ended.

A relationship which in one of Nathalie’s books called “Revenge Porn” the influencer revealed lots of stuff.

“Our international Mani Bella I thank you for your intervention which flatters me. But mama I preferred to search methodically elsewhere in Africa! Because our Cameroonian brothers there cannot be trusted. They like to play brutal games with our hearts. Really I like peace and sleep without disturbance “, answers Nathalie Koah to the invitation of Mani Bella to be in couple with a Cameroonian.

“My darling & love Nathalie Koah. All that the republic and I even ask you is not to go very far when you are going to officially decide! We have already lost too many gems in this country! We want you with a “deuxcentstrenteseptlois” please … If at the moment of the final choice you hesitate or you feel confused, let me know. I will prophesy on the final choice which will suit you best because I have this gift lately! prefer not yet to offer you a brother like Sergio Polo (if and only if he is free of course)… You have the same characteristics! Sappers, chic, elegant but good. Even with Fignon Tralala it can also give. In short. Like I I told you, I leave the choice to you, just hoping that this choice will be made in Cameroon… “, Mani Bella wrote.

In a recent outing, Nathalie Koah also returned to her relationship with Samuel Eto’o. She sent a message of thanks and gratitude to the Cameroonian star for what he has done with her as she took part in the Life Weekend show that aired on Ivorian Life Tv last April.