ICT university, the number Uno African univeristy now offers a joint Degree( Masters/PHD) in Public Health and related fields.

In collaboration with the Univeristy of Turku, Finland, Africa’s outstanding higher institution education provider, ICT University is now offering a joint degree in Public Health, Epidemiology & Health, Information technology and E-Health.

Considering the fact that these are futuristic courses, studying at ICT University has a lot of advantages.

Enrolling at ICT University (Click to Apply), you are assured of

-Job security

– Being rooted in the core principles and values of Public Health

– Be skill-full …

Imagine getting a dual degree and at an affordable price ?

You can choose to study online or on-site. Either ways, everything will be set perfectly for you. You can study online with real-life exchanges with faculty and on-site, research interactions with research supervisors from Finland or any of their African campuses.

ICT University in Cameroon is located at Dispensaire Messasi, Yaoundé.


For any Enquiries, email : admin@ictuniversity.edu.cm