Explaining one of the cases she received, Ma’am Charlotte Tchakounte reveals how her client saw all her children die in the flames. These children were locked in their room with a padlock by a neighbour who then set it on fire with gasoline.

“Aged 39 and single as successively abandoned by her 2 Partners, Brigitte, mother of 7 children, was at her place of business when the 6 living with them died in a fire orchestrated in the middle of the night by her neighbour Jeannette.

The latter admits having sprayed the fuel and blocked the 6 children with a padlock in the room where they were sleeping.

It turns out that when the fire started, the neighbors wanted to open Brigitte’s door to snatch her children from the flames, but this neighbour declared that they are already out. This attitude caused the neighbours to be very angry with her. Had it not been for the intervention of the Police, she would also have been thrown into the flames, especially when asked why she did such a thing and Jeannette replied “it is because Brigitte does not speak to anyone”.

When asked why Brigitte did not speak to Jeannette or to the neighbours, she retorts “it is because they only spoke English that I do not understand”.

It was in the presence of Brigitte that the Police took Jeannette and another neighbour who said they had not reported that the children are in the room.

When asked why this silence, this neighbour said “I wanted to tell the rescue team but Jeannette prevented me”.

The flames did not reach Jeannette’s room who was present at the time of the event, made her 5 children and things leave her room. During the hearing of Brigitte on the spot at 3 am, the father of the first 5 children was called by the Police but the latter said that he is right far in Bafoussam; curiously, at 6 am, he was at Brigitte’s bedside at the Hospital where she was kept under medical supervision.

The last 2 children (twins) were 3 years and 8 months old. They did not know their progenitor who was chased away by Brigitte because of the threats and the mistreatment they served to the first 5 children.

It was 2 weeks after having chased him away that Brigitte realized that she was pregnant for him and preferred to move on with her life on her own, hence the birth of these 2.

Brigitte finds herself today without any of her things, everything was consumed in flames.

Ivana, the only surviving child, is 19 years old and has epilepsy because of an unpaid debt from her father. Since the death of her 6 younger children, she has joined her mother Brigitte on the floor of the living room with a charitable soul in the Brazzaville district.

As it stands, she doesn’t know which way to look because at any moment, she will be forced to free someone else’s living room where she spends her nights since the fire.

She wants us to help her:

– bury her 6 children

– have a room where she will live with her sick daughter,

– gradually regain autonomy.

I beg you not to harden your heart in the face of this dramatic situation that Brigitte, the beating woman of yesterday, is going through “.