This case of incest has shaken the web for a few days. A man was reported to have been forcing his mother for several years and sleeping with her. From these incestuous relationships were born two 3 children.

“Men from the intelligence unit and NSCDC agents in Kaiama carried out investigations, they established that the mother (Fati) has three children from her biological son. Further verification revealed that the younger brother of the accused, is also sleeping with the mother, the brother in question is on the run, “indicates a statement from the authorities published by Nigeria Tribune.

In the statement, it is also stated that apart from the individual’s arrest, the mother and three children were turned over to the Nigerian Immigration Service for a background check. They will probably be deported to Benin.

A few years ago a man in Nigeria was charged with incest along with his three daughters. The man has been accused of mating with three of his daughters in Uyo in Akwa Ibom state in the south-eastern part of the country.