The scene took place in Douala the economic capital of Cameroon where all kinds of practices are allowed to ensure a pittance.

Young student at the State University of Douala, A. Esther Elisée N. joined a lesbian group, made up of students, in order to meet her needs; in particular the tuition fees and especially the rent and its maintenance.

At the beginning, everything went very well till her concubine (Nathalie), daughter of a great businessman realized her infidelity, and called her for a warning and an urgent call to order.

The two ladies however ended up arguing and parted ways with a fishtail. A month later, Nathalie conceived a terrible plan of revenge which did not scare away her concubine seduced again by her charms.

They found themselves in the company of other guests in a nightclub to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends and only Esther’s champagne bottle contained drugs, which will quickly made her to fall deep asleep.

Nathalie seized the opportunity to take action; she sent for five executioners who transported Esther to a place very far from the nightclub. She was raped to the point of being unable to stand on her own two legs for about a month.

Under the effect of threats for another sexual correction certainly even more dangerous than the first, she went away from the city to another country.

Traumatized by the act she had undergone, she experienced physical changes such that she became difficult to recognize.

Those close to Esther have struggled to sleep again since the disappearance of their daughter and from which they have no reassuring news. According to reports, an investigation will be open to find Esther and especially the five executioners who made her sexually disabled.