Ko-C has apologized to his lover Yung Meagan.

The public got to know these two were a couple when the female rapper posted that she loves him little bit more everyday.

She said: “I love you a little bit more everyday”.

Few days ago, Yung Meagan came out posing all gorgeous saying dating a public figure is a nightmare.

She took to her Facebook handle to reveal this.

Yung Meagan wrote: “ Dating a public figure is a nightmare”.

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The Caleçon singer, Ko-C, yesterday took to his own social media handle to apologize to the lady stating that she is his best friend and support system.

“I took her for granted and I’m so sorry.

She’s my bestfriend , my partner in crime , when it’s raining she’s my Umbrella ☔️☔️” Ko-C responded to his girlfriend.

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Afriblinksblog received information that the two are perfectly fine. So we do not know if this is reality or buzz.