Annie Dibia drags husband on her Instagram story, says she is a patient woman but has had enough from him.

Annie wasn’t quite pleased with how Tuface visited the USA, went to his children’s place and slept in same place with his first baby Mama Pero and her three kids.

Annie and Tuface’s first baby mama had apparently always been on knocker heads.

They came clashed in 2015-2016. They are reported to have never been in good terms. After he spent days at her place, here is what Annie has to say :

“I am a patient woman !! I am not a fool innocent Your family never loved from the beginning! No matter how hard I tried I was never worthy to them!!! I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children. God knows I have tired.

Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sort of rubbish! I try to stay gracious!! You are not the first man on the planet to have kids by different women !!! You can do better ! Everything I do is to show the good human that u r!!! But today ! This move done by you, Efe , Frankie n your family is unacceptable!!

@official2baba !! What kind of man takes his kids to Disney n spend nights in the same apartment with his kids n their mother! ? How many times have u gone to see ur kids with pero ! N she stay with u n the kids under the same roof for nights ! Or is it when your brother @hi.idibia house u , your kids n pero under the roof ?? ! I can go on n on !”

Annie has received backlash from a lot of Nigerian celebrities (who think she shouldn’t bring her marital issues to the gram) likewise Tuface’s family who think she used juju on him.