Mimi Fawaz, the Nigerian journalist and co-presenter of Léornard Chatelain at the African Cup of Nations 2021 draw ceremony in Cameroon, is being bashed due to one of her tweets Cameroonians didn’t appreciate.

Coming to Cameroon on August 13, the sports journalist was greeted at the airport by a police escort who was waiting to drive her safely to her hotel. A gesture that she greatly appreciated while thanking the authorities.

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The hospitality in Yaoundé was perfect for her,but seems her stay at the hotel in Yaoundé wasn’t quite a comfortable one. Apparently, her first night hadn’t gone well. The journalist recounts having spent an unpleasant night. She made it known the next day in a tweet. “I can’t believe I’m playing hide and seek with a mosquito in my hotel room in Cameroon,” she said on her twitter account.

A remark which according to some, discredits Cameroon and its luxurious hotels. Others found her remark inappropriate as she shared it on social media instead of alerting hotel room service staff.

Apart from the quack she had with Internet users, the Nigerian Mimi Fawaz was appreciated for her sublime presentation alongside the Cameroonian Léonard Châtelain during the draw for CAN 20201 at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé.

Mimi Fawaz is also known as a producer at the BBC and has previously hosted the CAF Awards in Nigeria.

She wrote ;

I cannot believe I’m playing hide & seek with a mosquito ???? in my hotel room in Cameroon. 

The big bugger got my friend earlier & now whenever I turn my bed light ???? off it later swings by close 

Doesn’t know I’ve come prepared with tablets. 

Trying to catch it in the dark ????