Tina Glamor, Arafat’s mother has seemingly not forgiven Ariel Sheney for slamming the door at Yorogang by abandoning her son Arafat; she seizes the opportunity to call the singer of ’Jolie Amina’ ’judah”, a term the accused does not accept because he considers himself the heir to the late Daishikan.

Paying a tribute to late Arafat’s 2nd death anniversary, the Ivorian star released a song titled Tala N’dilé featuring Arafat. The song wasn’t welcomed by the late artiste’s mother.

Calling Ariel sheney out to ‘unrelease’ the song or she sues him, the woman said ;

‘’ … From now on if you are smart, take my son’s voice out of it because I am the president of Yôrôgang and the owner of the YG foundation. You will never have Didier’s talent. Take that song away that smells like… ”. Logbo Valentine, the now patron of the Yorogang, explained that Tina personally reached out to Ariel and asked him not to release the song, but the latter still did anyways.

“I told you not to release this duet that you made with my son. I called you to tell you, but you pulled it out anyway. Are you playing with me? We will meet at BURIDA “. Are we going to attend harassing judicial serials by the interposed Burida? The future will tell.”