Brenda Biya, the daughter of the Cameroonian president, has spilled on the web all the secrets of Mina Eyango, her childhood friend. “Recognize your place. I made you. People didn’t know you existed before me. If you forgot I’ll remind you all of that now.” It is with these words that discord is sown between the two young Cameroonian girls.

After a few hours of silence, singer Eyango’s daughter came out of her reserve and gave her version of the story. According to her, the president’s daughter is not telling any truth about her and besides, she says, it has been a while since she saw Brenda. They are not close as she claims, she said. “I’ve seen brenda twice in three years. I don’t know why she said all these. I imagine it’s very easy for everyone to believe but I know my life and my realities and it’s very far from what Brenda said “, – she said on an Instagram live.

On the question of her virginity, Mina clarifies that she is still a virgin and that she has never dated a married man without going into the details. “I am a virgin and I did not date a married man.”

“I am virgin till marriage “she added. She does not think she should or can prove this to anybody, but she still imposes that she is a virgin and hasn’t slept with celebrities nor any married man.

Obviously that’s not what Brenda thinks of her. Because to her, “she acts like people really believe you’re still a virgin.” You’re not a virgin, have you ever seen a person being a virgin and screaming it all over the place? Judge me if you like, but I’m fed up with so many years with “snakes”. Mina you’ve been sneaky since high school and manipulative. So many things, that explains why even my mother had issues with your family. I was nice before but you pushed me to the limit, “said Brenda, revealing the differences the presidential couple had with the Eyango family at the same time.