The children of Queen B, we don’t see them often, if not to say never, and especially her twins. Today, never-before-seen footage of the singer’s latest Ivy Park campaign has been released, and to the delight of her fans, we see her three children, Blue Ivy, and the twins Rumi and Sir!

Beyoncé’s latest clothing campaign, Ivy Park, still in collaboration with Adidas, has just been released. The “Rodeo” collection, with its western inspiration, will be available for both young and old. And for the occasion, Beyoncé gave a little gift to her fans: her 3 children pose with her! Thus, we see Blue Ivy, 9 years old, and the twins Rumi and Sir, 4 years old.

If the eldest of the siblings had already played the game by posing alongside her mother for the Icy collection launched last February, it is on the other hand a great first for the 4-year-old twins. And we see how much they have grown! Queen B doesn’t often appear in public alongside them, so these snaps are sure to delight fans who can see how much Rumi and Sir have changed.

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