Here is the court’s decision on Rebecca Enonchong’s case.

The Rebecca Enonchong case had its end. The case was “closed,” according to Kah Walla, who had mobilized since the outbreak of the case.

Businesswoman Rebecca Enonchong was released on Friday afternoon after being arrested in Douala on Tuesday for the offense of “contempt of court”. Rebecca Enonchong was heard this Friday at the Bonanjo Court of First Instance, in Douala.

Moments after her release, Rebecca Enonchong tweeted that all charges against her had been dropped. She also had words of thanks for her support.

“I am extremely grateful to all of you for believing in me and supporting me,” she wrote.

Since her arrest on Tuesday, the hashtag “FreeRebecca has gone viral on social media. Voices were raised in Cameroon and abroad to denounce his arrest.