In a new video posted to his social media pages, votes-dresser Shakiro has decided to be provocative, while many Cameroonians thought that with his spanking a few days ago will make him a bit low-key.

In a previous article, hours after being released from the hospital, Shakiro sent a message to his critics.

“I will always be proud until I leave this country. God my strength! thank you to the people who help me and also to those who only help me with lies. It is 11:30 p.m. I’m still awake from the pain. When I’m out of the country, write me, I’ll ask you a question, ”Shakiro wrote on his Facebook page.

The images of these acts considered homophobic by Internet users are unbearable. The young man was undressed, makeup r and wig removed. He was left in a critical condition. Witnesses to this “barbaric” act took him to hospital. His relatives said he is still alive, but he is not well.

This incident occurred a few days after the release of Shakiro in which he threatened to publish a sextape of one of his lovers from whom he is demanding for 5 million FCFA. This attack may not be accidental.

Because in an interview,’he gave to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, he said he did not feel safe, that he was afraid of being assaulted on the street. Shakiro said that he prefers to leave Cameroon for a place where he will be hired.

Recall that Shakiro was beaten by angry young people last week. He was seen in the streets of Douala in women’s clothing. Young people also accuse him of having released a video a few days earlier.