Immediately after Shakiro’s attack for being a cross dresser & an alleged gay, one of the attackers spoke out on social media. He gave the reasons for this wild act of theirs.

“We kicked him out of deido yesterday with his girlfriend Patricia,” he said proudly. An answer that shocked Internet users who asked him the question of the reasons for this attack.

In his response, he pointed to the bad example that Shakiro’s person raises in the community of Douala. In his explanation, Shakiro and his group of girlfriends landed in Deido and showed off in every way possible. What to influence the young generation which according to him lose their good morales. “We must act and stop the bleeding, that’s what they did.” “We don’t want him in Deido, our young children are more and more insecure with him and his gang…”, confesses the young man anonymously.

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The infamous Cameroonian homosexual Shakiro is doing better. After a few hours in the hospital, following his assault, he made statements that sparked debate.

‘I am a living being after all and know that it is not my fault that I am like that. Even your visits, I don’t want to because no one loves me. I cannot complain to you because God knows what he will do! … Thank you for the dear Cameroonian gift after my release from the hospital, I will stay at home and sleep until I die. You hit me to death. Thank you dear Cameroonians. I’m on the hospital bed and it’s not right … I’m going to leave this country. God my strength. After the prison, it’s the hospital and then the USA will be… ‘, writes Shakiro in a post on his Facebook page.

His lawyer Alice Nkom condemned this barbaric aggression while warning that the perpetrators will be punished. “‘The children, the acts of Shakiro’s aggressors will not go unpunished. Have a nice week to all of you,” wrote Nkom in a publication yesterday, Monday morning.