Apparently, Mina Eyango did Brenda Biya dirty. She called her jealous and the Cameroon’s first daughter is wondering what she will be jealous of. Due to this, in a now deleted Snapchat posts, Brenda Biya isn’t very pleased.

“Is it money, fame, clout”? The princess goes ahead to make a couple of revelations.

According to her, Mina Eyango who happens to be her former bestie and singer, isn’t a virgin as she claims. Bree says she has been having sexual affairs with famous likewise married men. That all her friends just pretend to believe what she is saying whereas they know the actual truth.

Brenda Biya didn’t forget to state that they actually talk about Mina because of her. She said this backing it up with Wikipedia proof.

She does a flashback to their period in Los Angeles where she says Mina had made that her first Instagram account should be deleted so she get more clout.

Fortunately for her and unfortunately for Mina, she created a new one and still has more followers than she does.

Well, read screenshots as we await Mina’s response (if she does).

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