Dr Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou published a non-exhaustive list of objects and foods paid for by comedian Moustik Karismatik for his wife’s dowry. For the political activist, this list is too heavy and parents demanding all these items were just excessive. Here is the full list of items for the dowry which was to marry a lady from the Aest Region of Cameroon.

– A bag of cod;

– 5 cell phones;

– 7 demijohns of 20 liters of red wine; failing that, 20 boxes of “Ndongo Simon”;

-Build a kitchen in sheets for the mother-in-law;

– Build a hard Aba’a (men’s hut) for the stepfather; equip it with a leather lounge;

– 6 bundles of loincloth fabric;

– A motorbike for the brother-in-law;

– A car for the father-in-law;

– A 3-piece suit for the uncle;

– A television set;

– A DVD player ;

– A generator;

– A stereo ;

img 6514

– A hand watch for the mother-in-law;

– A large wall clock to dress the living room;

– A chainsaw brand Stihl 070;

– 3 bags of rice of 50 kg each; – 2 bags of salt;

– 5 machetes;

-5 files;

-2 bottles of “owischki”;

– 20 l of Odontol; 1,000,000 francs “in hand” (famously called the envelope);

– An ox on the feet;

– 5 plump goats (by that mean those whose belly protuberance announces the imminent birth of at least 2 kids);

– 5 goatee billy goats (of the kind in which the remugle of the testicles sweeping away the dust embalms the air for 2 hours after its passage);

– 2 real pigs (ie heavy at least 120 kg each and at least 1.50 m long, looks like Cabrel);

– 1 carton of peanut oil;

– 6 boxes of mackerel;

– 3 boxes of large sea bass fish;

– An iron bed;

– A foam mattress;

This list is likely to be completed on the pretext that a given uncle or cousin considers himself forgotten; then what is missing can be compensated financially and finally, “the dowry never ends”.