According to security sources, Tenor whose real name is Mengoumou Ayia Thierry admitted to being the driver of the Mercedes class C300 brand vehicle registered under chassis 02.51.92, on the day of the tragedy.

In his testimony, he indicated that after his performance at the French Institute in Douala, he went to the nightclub called “Mermoz” located at Bonamoussadi, Douala. One of his acquaintances celebrated his birthday there according to his declarations. After the party, he decided to go to his hotel. It was around 4 a.m.

Asked about the nature of his relationship with Eric Mouliom who unfortunately lost her life in this accident, Tenor indicated that the latter was a fanatic whom he met in the nightclub and with whom he had to take selfies. It was the latter who insisted that the artiste drops her off at her home. Tenor told investigators that he did not know Erica until this evening.

Tenor admitted to having consumed alcohol before driving, but argues that it could not have affected his alertness and ability to drive his vehicle. Having lost consciousness at the time of the tragedy, the artist was not subjected to a breathalyzer test. The investigators therefore do not accept the drunk driving against Tenor. However, they are convinced that the loss of control of the vehicle is caused by excessive speeding.

Judicial police investigators believe that the named Mengoumou Ayia Thierry is likely to be prosecuted for manslaughter. This is how he was presented to the public prosecutor who requested his remand in custody at New Bell central prison in Douala.

According to cross-checks, the vehicle Tenor was driving on the day of the tragedy was a rental vehicle. The driver of the car was also in the vehicle at the time of the accident. He was on the non-driver side. His name is Ndoumbe Bejamin. He was the one who was supposed to drive the vehicle. At this time, he is unable to answer questions from investigators. Investigators could not find his driver’s license on Tenor. The latter says he lost this document as well as his national identity card in the fire.

Source : Cameroun web.