Isabelle Mpouma (37 years old), a beautician hairdresser, mother of two children, died in the middle of the desert last Sunday. She wanted to go to Europe, and she chose the wrong path.

In recent years, Isabelle Mpouma wanted to go to Europe. In search of a better life. She therefore tried to obtain the necessary papers to make the trip normally until one day, she rancinto a man who tells her he will get all the documents for her. She then collected all of her savings and gave him the money. Unfortunately, this crooked man swindle her. She thus lost more than three million CFA francs.

Therefore, no longer having the means, she decided to explore another path to reach European El Dorado: illegal immigration. While her beauty space, well known in Douala, is well appreciated, she was going to leave it all to look for a better life. Isabelle entrusts her child to a friend to whom she makes believe that she is leaving for a brief stay in Yaoundé. She asks her 16-year-old son to look after his little brother, then she leaves.

Last Saturday, it was a video showing her dying in the middle of the desert that Cameroonians discovered on social media. She died the next day, Sunday. A death that put all of Cameroon in turmoil. And everyone still wonders why, despite the extreme danger of illegal immigration, Africans continue to persist in trying the experiment. Isabelle ultimately did not reach her goal. And unfortunately, she will no longer return to her family and her two children, now motherless.