Cameroonian music legend Nkotti François has loses at 70 his life as announced by X-Maleya.

NKotti François is an accomplished artist and at 70, he still amazed us! The artiste had celebrated his 50 years of music. An anniversary that marked a long and successful career

Nkotti François allias Desto is a Cameroonian music icon whose career remains exemplary and he is also a model for many artists in the world like Sallé John, Longuè Longuè and sergeo polo.

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Born on February 15, 1951 in Bonassama, Souza his village, Nkotti François officially embarked on a musical career in 1971. At the time, he was 20 years old. For the fiftieth anniversary of his musical career celebrated on March 12 and 19 in Douala and Yaoundé, late Francois who was mayor of the commune of Bonaléa for 11 years pleaded on the assistance of the government & media.

A founding member of the group “Black styles” in 1972, Nkotti François has not only had an artistic life but also a business life.

“You had to think about living and believe that the life you have lived can be useful to others. Once you thought that this life could be useful you had to write it the right way. The first way is the summary of these titles that is in this box, which presents the collection of everything he has done from his first steps until now. The second thing was the lessons of life because it is a whole journey, a career as a worker, an artist’s journey, a politician’s journey, a cultural promoter’s journey, a producer journey ”, admits Serge Constant Ebene, president of the organizing committee for the fiftieth anniversary of Kotti François.

How do you start from a situation of needy to a human situation of impact? The answer is in his 290-page autobiographical book titled “They Call Me Desto.” This book and a musical box are on sale for this double anniversary.