A few hours after the announcement of the end of the baccalaureate session of June 2021 throughout the national triangle, the singer of the famous hit “Les pleurs du Mbolé” formalized his failure in this exam.

Happy d’Effoulan did not pass the Cameroon baccalaureate in June 2021. After much speculation from internet users on social media, it was the young artiste himself who cut the rumours short via his Facebook account.

“I’ve been feeling dejected for a while now, hence my silence. But I have an obligation to tell you that I was not admitted to the Baccalaureate. But I will go up the slope, as they say in Cameroon: “next year is not a holiday, all that God does is good,” he wrote.

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The baccalaureate delivered its verdict throughout Cameroon. Since Wednesday afternoon, July 28, 2021, we have witnessed contrasting scenes of jubilation or sadness in the places where the results were displayed, which were quickly taken over by the candidates. Social media is also another medium through which winners and dropouts express their joy or disappointment. Digital is all the more in demand as the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office (Obc) has set up a number through which candidates can inquire about their fate.

Happy d´Effoulan chose social media, specifically Facebook, to communicate the news of his failure. Note that the first statistical analyzes released Tuesday by the OBC show a drop in the percentage of success. Indeed, the success rate this year is 52.72% against 57.14% last year.