Therapy, the first Cameroonian film on Netflix’s and first African film to appear on the billboard in New York Times Square, Manhattan. A pride according to film lovers who find that Cameroonian cinema is on the way to great success.

This Cameroonian film produced by Sakah Antoine and Ermelinde Simo Sakah Jing, directed by Anurin Nwunembon and Musing Derrick, is also broadcast in all English-speaking countries of the world.

“The trip was difficult but the production is very happy to have arrived there. Cameroonian cinema has so many talents but no funding. We hope that with this success, the state will help Cameroonian cinema more. ‘Hollywood’ did for the United States, ‘Bollywood’ did for India and ‘Nollywood’ also did for our neighbor Nigeria and it is believed that Collywood can do it for Cameroon. In Nigeria over a million people are employed in the cinema. We can do it in Cameroon. Businessmen, economic operators must invest in Cameroonian cinema. The emergence of Cameroon will necessarily pass through the seventh art “, explained producer Sakah Antoine.

“Therapy” is then accessible to more than 2000 subscribers connected on Netflix, the company which has embarked on the distribution of a large number of films and television series.