Adolphe Claude Alexandre Moundi, alias Petit Pays, born June 5, 1967 in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, is a singer, songwriter and very popular in Cameroon. Nicknamed “the advocate defending women”, “Rabba Rabbi”, “Effatta” or even “The King of Makossa love”, he sings in French, in Douala and in Pidgin on zouk and makossa. Petit is his nickname when he was a child and Pays is the literal translation of his last name Moundi. And resides the district at Carrefour Petit Pays in Makepe district of Bonamoussadi in Douala.

Petit-Pays began his professional career at the end of the 1980s, when he joined forces with producer Eyabé Kwedi. He writes hundreds of songs, some of which have become popular in Cameroon and West Africa. He released several albums with his group called Les Sans Visas which he considered to be an academy for discovering young talents: Samy Diko, Xavier Lagaf and Njohreur came from them.

This artist of great genius, and certainly the most prolific of his generation alone has more than 4 gold records and several international recognitions. It was also a gold record in several African countries such as Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and many others.

Petit-Pays remains one of the major figures of Cameroonian and even African music of the last thirty years, despite many controversies.

He is also one of the most awarded artists in the history of Cameroonian music. On May 20, 2005, he was decorated knight of the Order of Valor.

In 2009, he attempted an adventure in football, taking the reins of the Caïman Club de Douala football club from 2009 to December 2010, a club he managed to bring back to the first division in one season.

Unlike many other stars of African song, Petit Pays decided to live in his native country. He lives in Douala, in the Maképé district, whose street in this district bears his name.

To this day, he is considered to be the most popular artist in Cameroon.


1987: It hurts

1988: Former parigo

1990: Finding life

1991: The Ways of Life (Local cassette)

1992: The dead are not dead

1993: Foretaste

1994: Andy – Best of

1994: Nioxxer (Local cassette)

1995: Korta – the dignitaries with Les Sans-Visas

1995: The Best of the Best

1996: Class F

1997: The CV of Petit Pays

1997: surprise

1997: Gospel I & II with Les Sans-Visas

1998: Fight with the Children of Small Country (Pakito & Samantha Fox)

1998: The sound of love

1999: Esuwa with Les Sans-Visas

1999: Coup

2000: Kiss on the tomato with the Children of Petit-Pays (Xavier Lagaf & Feelingué Hiroshima)

2001: There is no match with Les Sans-Visas

2002: Maestro

2002: love on the plane

2003: Public Enemy with the Sans-Visas

2003: God the father “Kuna-Kuna”

2004: Bottling with the Sans-Visas

2005: The Monako

2006: Ekamofok

2007: Frotambo

2009: Fiko Fiko

2011: God Go Pay

2011: Win Win

2013: Dad is out

2015: Superior class

2016: Fear in the city

2018: rebirth

2019: Wala Longo’o

Maxi Singles

2001: France Africa Summit (Omega Production)

2007: It’s happening here (Omega Production)

2008: Synergy (Omega Production)

2009: Caïman (Omega Production)

2014: World Fiesta

2015: We must forgive (Omega Production)

2015: “old church” (omega production)

2018: Breaking the Baraque with the Sans-Visas

2019: 2 Tickets with Les Sans-Visas

2020: Tribute to Manu Dibango & Pape Diouf