Here are Lupita and Carmen, the young Siamese girls who impress lots of people today, several years after the doctors predicted three they’ll live only for three days.

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One of the best and most wonderful things in life is to never give up and believe until the end. It can hold a miracle in store for us, or it allows us to turn the impossible into the possible. This is the case of Lupita and Carmen, two young girls.

Carmen and Lupita are Siamese sisters who braved obstacles to get to where they are today. While their parents expected to have a twin, life gave them two Siamese girls, Lupita and Carmen. When they were born, doctors had little hope for them and predicted that the two little girls will have no more than 3 days to live. However, if the parents of the two young girls did not give up anything, they also made sacrifices to succeed in their bet impossible docks, that of living as it should be.

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If each of them has two arms, their own lungs as well as their own hearts and stomachs, they share certain ribs, a liver, the circulatory system and the digestive system and also reproductive system. However, they each have their spinal columns that meet at the level of the pelvic region. It is a miracle the life of these two young girls who have decided to cling to existence and not give up anything.

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