Undressed and humiliated for stealing a cell phone, Esther Mamadji was briefly arrested before being released. Her executioners are now facing justice. According to information we got, two of the young girl’s executioners were arrested and placed in detention.

“Esther was indeed released as well as those who were presented as being her accomplices after a day spent in the prosecution. When I parted with one of the lawyers appointed to defend her in the early evening, he was at least hoping for her release since she admitted the facts (taking the phone she handed over and paying 150,000 for the arrangement amicably plus 15,000 so that we do not broadcast our nudity on social media). Except that at the gendarmerie brigade several complaints were filed against her (s) for theft.… The prosecutor had the choice between referral for further investigation, deferment or release. The two owners and distributors of the videos that have toured the web were placed under arrest warrant at the Yaoundé central prison last night … it is an unprecedented fact that for me sounds like a warning to the place of those who are past masters in the art of publishing anything on social networks, ”explains Marcellin Ngansop, journalist on duty at Equinoxe TV

The video lasts 2 minutes 50 seconds. We see a woman of a fair complexion covering her body with a flowered loincloth fabric. Obviously she taunts in her thirties. We hear the voices of men and women lecturing her and accusing her of having stolen the wicks. The lady’s face arouses pity. She denies the facts attributed to her, but her interlocutors do not waver. They ask her to remove the loincloth with which she covers her body. She does. She is now in Adam’s outfit. Naked like a glass of earth. Her private parts are outside. She is dishonored. His screws slap him on the cheek. The other asks her to spread her legs and put her hands on her head like the circumflex accent.

As if this humiliation wasn’t enough, they filmed her and circulated her nudity on social media. ‘For a bundle of locks stolen from Nkomnkana, we strip a human being and broadcast her nudity on the internet. How did we manage to achieve such a degree of inhumanism? In the end, isn’t the penalty heavier than the act committed? Do those who revel in this kind of spectacle still have their heads? Morals and ethics are they still known in our language? ‘, Indignant the journalist Thierry Eloundou in a WhatsApp forum after having seen the video.

The scene takes place in Nkomkana in a popular district of the city of Yaoundé.