Cameroonian influencer, Coco Emilia blew out one more candle yesterday and in recognition, she sent a very beautiful message of thanks and wishes.

Coco Emilia, alias Biscuit de mer, celebrated her birthday yesterday Wednesday. The beautiful woman was born on July 07, 1990. For her birthday, here is the message she left for her fans and the people who thought of her on this special day, she wrote:

“Between 2 planes, I haven’t even had time to read your multiple messages yet, but I would like to anticipate to thank you, because I know how your hearts are full of love for me”.

In my moments of joy, you are near me: blessed, are you my God. When I call you Lord, you always answered me. Thanks to you, I got out of difficult situations, thank you Lord for your attention to me. …

May the days to come be times of success, blessings and love. 31 years of happiness, love, success, challenge, prosperity. Thank you again Lord🙏🙏🙏🙏 ”, she said on her Facebook page.

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It must be said that Coco Emilia has been filled lately since shortly before her birthday, she announced that she was expecting a child.

Happy birthday to you Biscuit de mer!