I like the vintage-cum-contemporary spice Elvina Ibru brings into whatever role she is given. It’s impressive how she can deftly switch from bougie to not-so-regular.

When Chidi praised her and she said, “Stop it, I like it,” I grinned like a Cheshire cat. 

The kind of friendship Chidi and Kambili had, I totally like!

I’ve always liked Nancy Isime and thought her one of the few originals in the movie industry, but after watching her play Kambili, I think I love her!
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And I think, Nollywood must have really done something right to deserve a star like Chidi (Jide Kene Achufusi). He is a fine blend of contemporary and rustic; kinda brings to mind a bouquet of different colours of roses, each having its own unique colour and scent.

That dude brings with him to the table the kinda real stuff Nollywood could ride and thrive on.

If you’re looking for uncharted plots and twists, this movie may not give you that. But, if you could use some unwinding and need a happy movie to get down with, I’d definitely recommend Kambili. 

I like how all the casts came with their ‘real selves’ for this one. It was refreshing to watch something from Nollywood that wasn’t hyped out of reality or blown out of reasonable proportion.

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Toyin Abraham is something and then some!

Nobody has any business being in a relationship where they constantly have to defend themselves or be told they are not enough; even when it’s only implied.  You deserve someone who makes you really happy and, if the person you’re with doesn’t spark off that emotion in you, you are settling; and like a boomerang, things like that always have their repercussions.

I like how this was projected in this movie in a way that wasn’t all up in our faces, but passed the message just as clear.

Needless to say, my very romantic heart mushed up a lot at the end when Chidi told Kambili how he feels about her

“I don’t have a ring, but I have a heart, and I want you to have it.” 


I mean, he was sweating. How utterly cute! sighs wistfully

I’m yet to see a flavour of Elvina Ibru that I don’t like, but I particularly love the flavor she added to this one.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. Heck, I didn’t want it to end!

It was an exciting movie. It had the right measurement of every ingredient that makes for a stunner.

If you’ve not seen Kambili, go, knock yourself out and thank me later.

Kayode Kasum didn’t do badly with directing this one.