Nathalie Koah feels secure in the love of her man.

There is a part of her life that she will probably never be able to get rid of which is her past with Eto’o.

Nathalie Koah was football star Samuel Eto’o’s ex-lover . Even she though she tried building her life back, she has faced a lot of ridicule from time to time.

And those who helped her, despite this sulphurous past, have a special place in her heart. On her Instagram page, the writer paid tribute to the man who helped her overcome the mocking gaze of people.

“If I start writing to thank @vinadouewede for believing in me, I’ll release a 3rd book. But in a nutshell, thank you Boss for giving me the opportunity to prove myself. Thanks for flying over- over prejudices. Thank you for never reminding me of my past. This voluntary forgetting on your part, I know, added a significant role in boosting my self-confidence (…) Few people even those who side by side with our lives in an intimate way would not be ready to show as much patience and tolerance because they are too busy “changing” ourselves to please society. It is your solidarity side that makes you the true leader that you are today. Thank you for everything, ”she wrote with emotion.

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