The new album of the group X-Maleya is a quality product according to the first lady. “This album reflects the rich diversity of Cameroon, and brings up to date musical masterpieces of anthology, proof that” the artist never dies “, as the saying goes,” writes the wife of the Head of State who thanks them for the beautiful gift.

The founder of the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), of African Synergy wishes the artists a better career. “I wish you a long, prolific and happy career,” adds the first lady.

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Chantal Biya’s letter.

The artists in the group said thank you to their mom.

“Back To The Roots”, X-Maleya’s new album, is available since April 30, 2021. 12-track album, Roger and Haîs are back to their roots, they decided to honor the great figures of Cameroonian music who knew promoting culture 237. We can cite a few names: Ali Baba, Pierre Didi Tchakounté, Esso Essomba.