Kwata Music INC Presents the 3rd single from their front line artist Dready Christ. The song comes as a follow up after the release of ‘My Woman’ ft Awu and ‘Rebel’ ft Mic Monsta.

Alejandro, meaning, ‘Defender of Mankind’.
However, the song ‘BLACK ALEJANDRO’ is a satirical represention of the subdued BLACK MESSIAH.
Alejandro is a western name. Thus, given to the black man under the baptism of colonial influence on claims that this is the only way his black soul can be saved.
Dready Christ, as the protagonist manifests the ability of a self-aware BLACK ALEJANDRO, who through skillfull adaptation, wittifully manoeuvres the colonial matrix & victoriously prevails as BLACK ALEJANDRO (BLACK MESSIAH/ DEFENDER) of his people, heritage & black identity.

Produced by ; GAIUXX ODT
Directed by; L. TELESPHORE

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