Chidinma has been trending on social media after she was arrested for murdering her lover, Usifo Ataga. However, in an interview she revealed that a friend introduced the man to her and since they see each other once in a while. Though she revealed she use foreign number to chat with him anytime he came they normally go to a restaurant after a brief talk they will go their separate ways.

However, she was asked how she got the foreign number she use to chat with the man and she said she created the foreign number through an app but she didn’t reveal what she use it for apart from using it to chat with the man before his death. It was reveal that she has ten million naira in her bank account and she said the money is not her own beside the account does not belong to her.

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Chidimma Adora

The only money she has in her bank account is the three hundred and eighty thousand naira she withdrew from his account after she murdered him. She wanted to use it to pay up her fees and settle some bills unfortunate things didn’t work out the way she plan. She regret what she did and I believe the drink also contributed to her crime. She said when the deceased called her she told her parents she was going for an ushering work.

The reason her parents didn’t question her is because she has been doing the work for a long time but she use it as an excuse. There’s more to her story, I think the security men will do more justice if they invite her friend that introduced the deceased to her for questioning and I think the friend will provide vital information that will enable them to handle the case properly.

There are friends that help you to achieve your dream while some lead you to your destruction.
Mind the kind of people you follow is not everybody that come your way you accept. This should serve as a lesson to everybody and I believe if security men use soft hand to follow her she will reveal more hidden information. Sometime, parents contribute why some of their children have this kind of lifestyle. That’s why is important you know the kind of friend your children follow in order to save them from public disgrace.