1. Who is Hershe Sundae, what pushed you into writing? Hershe is a Chicago lover, a writer, a dreamer, and an around the way fillet, lol most of all I’m an Auntie.

2. Who is your writing idol ?When it comes to literature, Beverly Jenkins, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Suzanne Collins etc When it comes to songwriting, Babyface, Diane Warren, Raphael Saadiq, Stevie Wonder, Victoria Monet, Shania Twain…so many people lol
3. Why did you name your book Tones of Affection ?Well when I think of life and certain life challenges and situations, I think of it in the various Tones, or expressions. Some may have a Happy, Lively Tone, Some may be more Sad or melancholy, it just depends on the situation. Since my book has a vast number of situations or Tones, I felt the name would work for it.

4. You revealed you seek to normalize mental health stability, do you think humans can live without issues ?So maybe not live without issues, because life will of course throw curve balls, but I think the way we handle them, and/or express ourselves could be better with the proper mental help.

5. Why should people want to read Tones of Affection ?Because it is GOOD! LOL This book has everything you want to keep your attention, plus it shows a positive view on normalizing therapy and speaking with someone about issues.
6. What works do you have in progress ?I’m working on more promotions and videos to spread the word of my book, I’m also organizing a reading session for the first few chapters of the book online with a few audience members. It’s some exciting things in the works but I can’t reveal all of it just yet.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?In the next 5 years, I see myself making more books and turning them into movies. I want to also try scoring films for the movies I’ll make and of course I’ll be doing what I can do to help those who are starting out with a helping hand or some type of mentorship.
8. Will you wish a lot of people were in the shoes of your main character Kai Mayvers ?I wish a lot of people had the mindset of Kai, in my head Kai is an open book, a realest, but also willing to listen and empathize.
9. What author or publishing house will you honestly wish to partner or collaborate with?Definitely would love to work with any up and coming new author especially in the African/African-American community.
10. What advice will you give to fast rising authors who wish to be like you?Just START! There is nothing that you can’t do. We all have to start from somewhere and mistakes happen, but keep going!


11. What is the life where mental health stability is normalized according to you ?Therapy would be even more easily available than it is now, it would be more people of color as therapists to understand those who have a similar background. People would be able to process their feelings and words in a more healthy manner.
12. Just like Kai in Tones of Affection, do you think it is recommended to meet a therapist ?Absolutely, I think we all should at some point.
13. What are some of the problems you face as a back author in society ?At the moment, I haven’t encountered problems but I’m sure they are coming. lol stay tuned I guess.
14.What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?I have to read something over and over and over again and I could still miss a word or two. So it’s made me a bit OCD about it, but hey i’m human. It’ll be ok LOL
15. How long does it take for you to write a novel ?This novel took me exactly one year to write.
16. You said you got your idea of writing Tones of Affection from a dream, if you are working on another project, where do you get your ideas ?People, music, a feeling, a day dream. I can get inspired by a lot.
17. How is it like being an artist at the same time being an author ?I love it because my writing and my love of music will show in both.
18. How do you get your books published ?I published my books through Pagepublishing.com
19. Are there strategies you put in place to make your book go as vital as possible ?I do have some strategies but i’ll reveal more about that at a later date.
20. Tell us what you wish fans would discover more about you.That I am super down to earth, I love to laugh, and if your nice to me i’m nice to you….but I’m still from Chicago LOL

Thank you so much