The procedure for establishing the biometric passport begins on July 1, 2021 in Cameroon and in the country’s diplomatic representations.

The information was made public during a press conference given on Tuesday at the General Delegation for National Security (Dgsn). From next month, we will no longer just talk about the passport, but about the biometric passport. A new page for Cameroon, which is thus acquiring a state-of-the-art production system.

Innovation, we will no longer see long queues at half-immigration police stations. Now, the bulk of the passport application will be done online, following four steps.

Issuance procedure
Online pre-enrollment: from an Android phone or an internet, the applicant opens his file on the Dgsn website; thereafter, he pays the costs of issuing the mobile money or credit card passport; and finally, he makes an appointment for enlistment.

Enrollment: it is done physically in a centre of the applicant’s choice. It consists of opening and checking the file submitted online, with the originals of the required documents; the taking of the parameters (photo, fingerprints and signature) of the applicant and the scanning of the supporting documents; approval of the information by the applicant, and validation by the enrollment officer; delivery of a receipt to the applicant.

Production: after enrollment, if there is no rejection, the document is produced within 48 hours. If rejected, the applicant is notified by email and sms.

Withdrawal: once the passport has been produced, the applicant is notified by text message and email. He can therefore present himself for an identity check and the withdrawal of his document.

System change
Enrollments will end on June 23, 2021 at emi-immigration police stations, and June 15 at diplomatic representations. And until July 1, it will be a question of evacuating the pending cases registered in the old system. The new biometric passport production system will be able to supply 1,500 daily in normal production, and 2,200 in maximum production.

The Secretary General of the Dgsn, the Divisional Commissioner Dominique Baya, who was giving this press conference on behalf of the Dgsn Martin Mbarga Nguele, concluded his remarks by specifying: “There will no longer be a race towards the so-called” express “passport. which has never existed ”.