The Diabetes Bomb in Rural Cameroon – A Documentary You Need To See.

Titled “The Diabetes Bomb in Rural Cameroon -The NURDIC Project Documentary, is one You Need To See!

Kwame was approached by the leader of the NURDIC Project, Dr Leke, who needed someone to document their journey from 2011-2020, in a creative storytelling manner. Kreative Kwame then sought the services of his friend DesignsBySix, a very talented all round creative, with whom he travelled with to the heart of Idenau to film this documentary.

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Kreative Kwame

Kwame, who is an internationally acclaimed Photographer & Creative, having his work exhibited by the likes of the United Nations, was particularly motivated to work on this project as he has someone close who is a recovering diabetic – they worked with the bare minimum to produce this. 

“This entire documentary was shot handheld, zero external light and the voice over was recorded with and iPhone 7 and then mixed. I was very alarmed by the statistics of diabetes in rural areas and I took it to heart. I am very proud of the outcome and we have learnt immensely from this. We hope to do this, and more projects again.” – Kwame

With the high level of obesity in Cameroon, the diabetes prevalence in rural areas may rise from 3.8% to 10.7% (almost a threefold increase) within 10 years, a prediction shows. 

Over 60% of adult Africans living with Diabetes are unaware of their status. 

Cameroon has a National Diabetes Plan, but this plan is only executed in urban areas, leaving out rural areas.

The Nurse Led Diabetic (NURDIC) Project was created by Dr Leke Aminkeng & his team to combat this – Training practising & student nurses in Diabetes Care. 

This is the story. 

Directed by Kreative Kwame