Disclaimer from Cameroon’s first daughter @kingnastyy .

This is her one and only Instagram account. The other is an imposter and looking forward to promote its magazine « Bree Magazine ».

She is in no way related to Bree Magazine. Also, Brenda Biya has no Facebook page.

She only has Twitter (@bree_biya), Instagram (@kingnastyy ) and Snapchat (anastasiesnaps).

Any other thing posted in any other accounts is not her. For example the shoutouts given on the fake Facebook page.

The imposter on the Facebook page has been scamming people off their money claiming to be her. Even the Instagram account has been exaggerating.

Check as she officially announces this.

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Brenda Biya via her Snapchat & Instagram story

P.S, @kingnastyy has released her first official Vlog on her YouTube channel. Rush to her channel (King Nasty)