Ivorian web humorist, Eunice Zunon has finally honoured a meeting with her fans. Her first one woman show was a success. There were a lot of fans present. We even noted the presence of the one everyone considers her lover by her side, the Cameroonian rapper Tenor.

Tenor clearly holds a place in Eunice’s heart given that she has been posting a lot about him on social media and they are always caught together.

We even remember her trip to Cameroon to spend a moment with him. But the revelations made by this web humorist are disconcerting.

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« There’s nothing between us » Eunice Zunon talks on relationship with Tenor. 2

According to her, there is nothing between them. It is just « mutual support”.

“This is a man and a woman, a Cameroonian singer and an Ivorian comedian who appreciate and support each other. These are Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. 

People are talking, the truth is, if there was something between us, they would have known it from the first moment. I would have made a post to signify it, but there is not », said Eunice.

Tenor is always calm and “steadfast” contrary to Eunice. He hasn’t said anything yet.

Cc: Abijanshow