In a TikTok couple challenge we watched today, it was all love from Lydol and apparently her boyfriend Cysoul.
First and foremost, they are so attractive and talented, like who could have even believed we had such a wonderful couple in showbiz ?

Anyways, we are happy a couple of English entertainers have started getting married but again, some don’t want to marry or get into a relationship. Everything given to these males are just free. Free gift of nature.

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Lydol & Cysoul

Lydol and Cysoul are now a couple, what can English entertainers learn from this ?

What got our attention is the fact that Lydol shot her shot first. If y’all like, keep acting all proud. From bloggers to designers, artistes, producers, directors… SHOOT YOUR SHOT.

The question on the TikTok video was, who said “ I love you first” ? and Lydol said herself.
Congratulations to the couple.

Again, what can we learn from this?
Watch below :