Cameroonian actress and producer, Syndy Emade has announced that her two movies, A Man for the Weekend and Broken have been chosen to showcase on Netflix on 16th June & 22nd June respectively.

Basically, Syndy revealed that Brenda called her saying 4 movies have been chosen to show on Netflix. One Nigerian, 1 Ghanaian & 2 Cameroonians.

She had to go record a voice for the final touches, thinking just Broken was chosen. Little did she know that the two were her movies.

She wrote: My whole face is red as I can’t stop crying these tears of joy. Somebody pinch me that am not dreaming… I have 2 movies, we did it. Thank you Father Lord for your Grace is sufficient for me.

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Syndy all excited and happy.
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Syndy discovered the two Cameroonian movies chosen were hers.

While preparing to watch these movies, congrats to her. This is a bold step for a hardworking lady.