Steven Zhang celebrated becoming the first non-Italian President to win the Serie A title and dedicated it to Inter fans all over the world. ‘We hope that this shows the value of hard work.’

Zhang flew in to Milan earlier this week to join the celebrations and they were sparked this afternoon when Atalanta were held 1-1 by Sassuolo.

“It’s emotional, and a special time for everyone involved in this project and who has been with us on this journey,” declared Zhang on the club website.

“Thanks first of all to the fans, to those that work with us and obviously to our coach Antonio Conte and to the players, who have worked so hard to bring this title home.

“Furthermore, I want to thank the employees and directors, the two managing directors, who have supported me this year and the five years previous. All those who have been a part of this project, who have worked with us not only this year but also in the past. I think that they are all part of this Scudetto and that this title belongs to all of them. A massive thank you to all of them.

“A special thank you to my father and to Massimo Moratti, who has guided me throughout the years, supported me from an emotional and mental standpoint and helped me to understand what Inter is.

“Last but certainly not least, thanks to the fans, who love sport and this Inter that they follow. I hope that this joy in such a difficult time can bring everybody a bit of positive energy.”

Much has been said about the future of Inter after Suning sold assets to raise funds lost during the pandemic and sought new investors.

“It’s a special day. Speaking with the players after the win against Crotone, I told them that I almost couldn’t have imagined that this would happen.

“We’re here thanks to some really hard work in recent months and years. There are no words in reality and in my experience that I can use to describe all of this,” continued Zhang.

“To our fans throughout the world, in Milan and in Italy, this Scudetto is for you. It is dedicated to you and we hope that it brings you joy and hope. We hope that this shows the value of hard work.

“The future of Inter, of the project and of the Inter world is the same as it has been for 100 years and it will always be this way. Our objective is to spread positive energy, hope, inclusivity and innovative ideas to the people that follow us.

“It’s not important if you’re an Inter fan, a football aficionado or even if you’re not a big sports fan; everything that we do, our message and our project will have these values.”