Jonny Bones took to his Twitter handle to reveal that, Francis Ngannou, heavy weight champion for this year motivates him.

Lots of people have been saying they are being inspired by Francis due to his life story.

At 10 years old, Ngannou was working in a sand Querey in Batié because his parents got divorced when he was six ,thus, he was sent to go live his aunt and there was limited funds.

Very young and seemingly having stregnth, the athlete was approached by lots of gangsters to join their group to do bad things but he refused and took upon himself to do something positive with his life by pursuing boxing.

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When he turned 22, though family hesitance, Ngannou started training as a boxer. He did this training for about a year & stopped due to a short illness. From there, he did different odd jobs to to make ends meet until 26. At 26,he made up his mind to become professional. That’s how he headed to Paris but was halted & imprisoned in Spain for 3 months due to illegal border cross.

Because of this life story of his which finally led to his success, lots are motivated, Jonny Bones included.

Jonny wrote :

Motivate me more Francis Ngannou

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Replying to him, Francis Ngannou said :

“I shouldn’t have to motivate you Jonny….if it’s not in you already you’ve already. I know my motivation”.

Afriblinkers, what are your thoughts ?