Cameroonian blogger, Ndicho Boris has revealed to everyone that he now has information on who Blanche Bailly’s baby Daddy is.

Ndicho who is known for his correct information on his platform, Ekwat Tv & his closeness with Blanche Bailly has said something that has gotten internet users thinking.

When Blanche unveiled her baby’s face, he was literally linked to all sorts of people. Majority said Salatiel is the father of Jayden.

Well, that was just rumours as nothing was confirmed yet. Others said the baby’s Daddy isn’t in the industry.

Ndicho Boris has taken to his Facebook handle to reveal that Jayden’s father is actually in the industry and is an artiste. He hasn’t revealed who the artiste is as of yet.

He says he is yet to have us more info.

Taking to his handle, he wrote :

“So no one in this industry knows Blanche Bailly son’s father ?i just got the juice ?. This wa male artists them di really enjoy ?

Afriblinkers, who do you think he might be referring to ?

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