Mp3 Download Ko-C - Ça à Cuit

Mp3 Download Ko-C – Ça à Cuit

Mp3 Download Ko-C - Ça à Cuit
Cameroonian rapper Ko-C

Ko-C recounts a story of a girl who is a typical player. She literally sleeps around with men. Later on, she gets pregnant then wants to pin the pregnancy on him. Ça a cuit is directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens. For you playlist, Mp3 Download Ko-C – Ça à Cuit will be perfect.

« if I be keeping the count, I think you don sleep with more than 50 men. You dey with Tenor, you dey with Leonel, you dey target 50 cent and as I Dey look at your face them tell me your very innocent. Go school, no move dross Na for there you are very competent. Popripo Poripo  tell me where you go, you be mobile like MTN. Tous les jours enlever le caleçon who give you bele  ? C’est Jonathan, Anthony ou … »

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