French rapper Youssoupha has made the decision to move to Côte d’Ivoire with his wife and children. The latter was not well understood as some of his relatives who saw this act as a real “sacrifice”. The artiste sees things quite differently. He believes that life is better there and that his whole family is doing better on the banks of the Ébrié lagoon.

“My wife and I moved to Ivory Coast, because it’s a country that attracted us. I am amazed at the way people reacted when I said I was going back to live in Africa. They say to me “But why are you making this sacrifice? “, When it’s quite the opposite: I have a bigger house, a better quality of life, and my children are more fulfilled,” said the French Rap star.

The Ivorians who are surely very happy to welcome Youssoupha will take pleasure in taking advantage of his immense talent.